Program Terms


Your credit card will be charged upon clicking Complete Sign Up and such payment is subject to the Terms and Conditions. You understand that your credit card information may be saved for future charges in connection with recurring payments.

Terms and Conditions: 

You (“Vendor”) agree to pay The Signature Real Estate Companies (“Signature”) $60 to post one (1) advertisement/discount offer on (“Signature Discounts”) for six (6) months from sign up/payment. By authorizing this charge and participating in Signature Discounts, you understand that you are committing to promote your business on Signature Discounts for six (6) months from the date of sign up. 

AUTO RENEWAL: If you wish to terminate your participation in Signature Discounts, you must notify at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the termination of your then-current six-month term. Your participation in Signature Discounts will be automatically renewed for recurring six-month terms until otherwise canceled. In the event of a material breach of this agreement by Vendor (including non-payment or failure to honor an advertised promotion), Signature may immediately terminate this agreement and remove Vendor’s advertisement from Signature Discounts. 


Vendor Benefits & Responsibilities: 

a. Vendor Benefits: Vendor may place one (1) advertisement/discount offer on Signature Discounts. Such advertisement must include a discount or offer and be photo ready and in the following format: 300x300px and have a 1:1 aspect ratio. The advertisement should be uploaded during registration or emailed to: Vendor may replace the advertisement/offer posted on Signature Discounts two (2) times during any six-month month term by emailing: discounts@signatureflorida.

b. Vendor Responsibilities: Vendor shall use reasonable efforts to provide Signature with a  professional advertising piece (as provided above) to be advertised on Signature Discounts. During the Term of this agreement, Vendor grants to Signature a revocable, non‐exclusive, non-sub-licensable, non‐transferable, non‐assignable, royalty‐free license to use its logo, trade name, service marks, brands, and trademarks as are provided to Signature from time-to-time solely in connection with the activities directly related to this agreement. Vendor agrees to honor all advertisements offered on Signature Discounts during the term of this agreement and for a period of three (3) months following Vendor’s discontinuance of said advertisement on Signature Discounts. Vendor agrees to accept coupon offers provided in print or over a customer’s phone. Vendor assumes full responsibility and liability for all of its customers, including tracking the number of times a customer uses a coupon/discount offer and a customer’s compliance with the terms and conditions stated on Vendor’s advertisement/discount offer. It is strictly Vendor’s responsibility to service its customers and ensure all customers are treated in a professional manner. Vendor agrees to review all advertisement/discount offers prepared for publication on Signature Discounts to ensure compliance with Vendor’s specific industry’s best practices and any applicable federal, state, local, and/or industry laws, rules, and regulations.


Vendor  represents, warrants, and agrees (a) to operate its business in accordance with this agreement and in a manner consistent with all applicable laws, industry standards, rules, and regulations, and to obtain all professional licenses required to comply with such laws, rules, and regulations; (b) that it shall not interfere in the business relationships between Signature and its customers, real estate agents, and business contacts or in any way compete with Signature; (c) that it shall not make any misrepresentations regarding Signature; and (d) that this agreement does not, to Vendor’s knowledge, cause Vendor to violate any law, statute or regulation and does not breach any other material agreement or material covenant to which Vendor is a party or is bound. 

It is expressly understood and agreed that Signature’s role herein is strictly limited to that of a marketing provider. In no event shall Signature be liable for any damages or losses related to any act or omission, obligation, fault, or negligence of Vendor and/or its employees, agents, or independent contractors, including but not limited to damages or losses arising from Vendor’s operation of its business or servicing of its customers. This provision shall survive termination of this agreement.

It is mutually understood and agreed that Signature and Vendor in performing their respective duties and obligations under this agreement, are at all times acting as independent contractors with respect to each other, and nothing in this agreement is intended nor shall be construed to create an employer/employee relationship, a joint venture relationship, a partnership, a franchise or an agency relationship. 

If a dispute arises between the Signature and Vendor concerning the subject matter of this agreement, the parties agree that any action filed in connection with the dispute shall be filed in state or federal court in Palm Beach County, Florida and that the law of the state of Florida shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of the agreement, without reference to choice of law principles. 

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